Welcome to the Leduc Pro Wrestling Academy!


Head coach Carl Leduc is a Hart Dungeon graduate and a former Hart Bros Wrestling School trainer. He has trained and trained with several big names of the industry.

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Group classes are offered for all skill levels. Training includes not only in-ring ability but also character development, in-ring psychology, interview skills, as well as seeking booking. 

Private training is also available. Please reach out to us to inquire.


The training environment here is tough and intense, yet also very friendly. We maintain high standards of learning as we strongly believe that anyone who is serious about building a wrestling career can do so if they put in the work. We duplicate the Hart Dungeon training program as we believe it is the very best program.

No question goes unanswered during a class, and there is always someone willing to help you with your training or show you something new. We listen to our students’ needs and adapt the training to give each student the confidence and necessary tools to become a professional wrestler of international caliber.

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