Carl LeDuc

Carl Leduc is a second-generation wrestler who began wrestling in 1995. Although he never got to see his famous father Paul Leduc and his uncle Jos Leduc wrestle in person, Leduc’s wrestling style was very much inspired by the one of the famous lumberjacks. 

Recruited by the WWE for their East coast tours in 1996 as The French-Canadian Lumberjack, Leduc was mentored by Owen Hart and Sycho Sid. Being billed as the local superstar, he was put in matches with the likes of JBL, Rikishi, and Owen Hart among others. Seeing how he needed further coaching, Owen Hart suggested Leduc go to Calgary to train in the infamous Hart Dungeon. Leduc subsequently spent 4 years living-in with the Harts to develop his craft in true Hart fashion. Bruce Hart was Leduc’s main trainer and taught him every aspect of the wrestling business, from refereeing to promoting, and obviously professional wrestling. Leduc was featured in a cameo in ‘Wrestling With Shadows’ where he is being stretched by the legendary Stu Hart

During his stay in Calgary, Leduc was a regular in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling as Francois Einstein. After suffering a serious career-threatening injury, Leduc returned to Quebec. Shortly after his departure from Calgary, the Harts came knocking on his door.

Leduc was asked to join the Hart Bros Wrestling School in Cambridge, Ontario as a trainer. During that time, Leduc met and trained many young hopefuls like Rory McAlister, Eddie Osbourne, and Eric Young among others. Leduc made a name for himself as a notorious trainer. He later returned to Quebec where he continued sharing his knowledge. 


Bruce Hart

Bruce Hart is a second-generation wrestler, promoter, booker, and trainer. Second-born to Stu and Helen Hart, Bruce was trained in the famous Hart Dungeon by his father and went on to be a headliner at Stampede Wrestling. He competed in singles as well as tag-team competition with his partner, Brian Pillman. He is one of the most decorated Canadian wrestlers with many titles on record.

While performing all around the world, Bruce was also training young hopefuls in the Hart Dungeon. These hopefuls went on to become Chris Benoit, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, Owen Hart, Natalya, TJ Wilson, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Teddy Hart, Johnny Devine, Carl Leduc, and dozens other professional wrestlers whose careers spanned over decades. Hart was also instrumental to countless illustrious careers as he traveled the world in the early 80s to introduce North-American wrestlers to European and Asian fans.
Countless professional wrestlers owe part of their successful careers to Bruce. Upon returning from Japan in 1985, Bruce ran Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. The promotion had suffered from its headliners signing with WWE, but Bruce responded by introducing new hot talent such as Owen Hart, Jushin Thunder Liger, and Chris Benoit among others. 

To this day, Bruce Hart remains one of the most successful and prestigious pro wrestling trainers in the world. He is also a notorious booker and writer whose expertise is still sought after by bookers all around the world. His strategic appearances on WWE programming are a testament of the trust the McMahon family have towards Bruce and his level of professionalism. Bruce Hart now reunites with his former student Carl Leduc to bring his priceless knowledge to the Leduc Pro Wrestling Academy.